Question - What does Hope Homes offer?

   Answer - Hope Homes provides housing for Men in need of a affordable
                      clean and sober  environment.

Question- What are the requirements for admission to Hope Homes?

   Answer - 1) A willingness to be clean a sober.
                     2) The ability to get along with others.
                     3)  ability to meet the financial responsibility.

Question - Is there a deposit or credit check?

  Answer - No deposit or credit check is required.

Question - What is the lodger's financial responsibility to Hope Homes?

  Answer - Hope Homes offer's two options:
                    1) $450. monthly.
                    2) $675. monthly, includes 3 family style meals daily.

                       *Lodger fee is prorated from the date of entry through the end of the month.

Question - What about meetings?

  Answer - Open recovery meetings are held on the premisses three times weekly.

   Please don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.
  Phone us at, (909) 864 - 0644
  or email

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